Following the Lisbon Treaty and the 2011 Transport White Paper, the EC has a strong mandate to represent the EU railway policy outside the EU Member States, especially in neighbouring countries (e.g. Balkans) but also in strategic markets (e.g. Asia).
DG MOVE, DG TRADE and DG GROWTH are keen to engage in a constructive dialogue with non-EU countries to ensure growth, jobs and competitiveness.
An important ambition of the EU is to export European rail know-how and to expand its flagship initiative, the European Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T), across EU borders. For that purpose, the EU engages with neighbouring countries but also trade partners and other actors on a bilateral and multilateral level.

Within the framework of this ambition, the EU has set up various platforms addressing infrastructure issues, such as the EU-China Connectivity and the EU-Asia Connectivity Platform.

Rail infrastructure has become a strategic asset in geopolitics. The growing number of trade agreements concluded by the EU naturally foster trade and thus import and export of services and goods. This requires increasing rail infrastructure capacities and better interconnectivity between EU and non-EU rail systems.
By the same token, several European rail Infrastructure Managers are eager to export their know-how to foreign countries.

EIM in action

  • EIM participates in many international activities of the EU related to the export / import of rail know-how and the extension of the TEN-T to non-EU countries;
  • EIM has developed a constructive dialogue with all relevant EU bodies and stakeholders to foster EU rail-know on international level;
  • EIM is also a recognised member of various EU expert groups, e.g. the EU China Connectivity Platform but also various EU trade platforms.


  • EIM continues to assess the impact of Asia on EU railways;
  • EIM is a recognised member of various EU expert groups, e.g. the EU China Connectivity Platform, the EU-Japan railway industrial dialogue, the EU expert group on the competitiveness of the European rail supply industry, the EU international working group, etc.

Outlook 2020

  • EIM continues to be closely involved in all relevant international activities of the EU;
  • EIM continues to monitor opportunities for rail Infrastructure Managers of the EU Japan trade agreement (entry into force: February 2019).
Strategic Vision